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I had a good long laugh with the Google Translate Sings series [personal profile] chordatesrock  inroduced to me, and particularly loved I'll Make a Man Out of You. On a whim I decided to try the same with Skyfall. Here's a result of five or six layers of Google Translate:

I dropped from the sky... )

Dropping from the sky decoding? It sure knows what a Bond movie is about.
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A couple of weeks ago I had "La Marseillaise" stuck in my ear big-time. I don't even know why--maybe the famous scene from Casablanca flashed through my mind, maybe I was just in the mood for something catchy and upbeat, or maybe the Charlie Hebdo attack was on the back of my mind.

It's always irritating when I'm afflicted with an earworm and can't sing it out, so I learned the words to the song. And I'm like, good Lord this is violent! I had known about the parts in the refrain singing of the blood of enemies watering the fields and so on, but I hadn't known the words to the verses and was all o_O over how belligerent the lyrics were. This is fitting, given that it's a war song at heart, composed and sung against the background of France's war with Austria. Its original title, after all, was Chant de guerre pour l'Armée du Rhin (War Song for the Army of the Rhine, best as I can tell).

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I've posted a Les Miserables parody before, but here's another delightful one from the brilliant Key & Peele:

I love me some Les Mis, but it's hilarious to see its musical tropes pilloried. As many commentators have said, it's got some mad production values, too.
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(Mark should have known this would happen when he introduced us. No one but himself to blame, I tell you.)

This Les Miserables parody, produced by the Korean 22nd Fighter Wing and called Les Militaribles, is my current Greatest Thing Ever. Mark and I put it on during dinner and promptly proceeded to laugh our asses off. Bask in its greatness, mortals:

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