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The final chapter in the Shadow saga. I had been going over and over the events of this chapter for over a year, and it took quite a bit of fiddling but came out mostly as envisioned. I had a feeling as though I had come home to find it an unfamiliar place, much as I felt with Chapter 18 (the Agni Kai chapter) except more intensely: This was what I had dreamed and worked toward for a long time, and the shape of the thing and most of the trappings were what I'd expected. Yet I found myself seeing with different eyes, ascribing meanings I had not thought of before, and for that reason it felt different. Maybe it was better, I don't know, it certainly felt deeper.

Scene-by-scene account )
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This post is about Chapter 20: Letters and Final Interlude: Making Up. I'll go scene by scene, using the labels I used in Scrivener.

Letters )

Making Up )

Wrapping up the OCs' stories in "Letters" was the wind-up for the final chapter, when the action would rise a little again and finally tie up the long-running thread between Azula and Zuko--for a while, that is, until their paths crossed again in the show.
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Chapter 19: Voices may be the most ambitious thing I've ever written in terms of sheer scope, not to mention the length. I mean, almost 20,000 words (19,629 to be exact) for what is ostensibly a single chapter? Here's to hoping I never do anything like that again.

Let's see if I can make the notes just as long-winded )
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My long Zuko-centric fic Shadow of the Dragon King was posted in its entirety some months ago, almost exactly two years since I posted the first chapter. I'll be posting belated notes for the third and final part, chapter-by-chapter this time because I kind of lost control of my word count. I'll be using the scene labels that I used when writing the fic in Scrivener.

Chapter 18: Respect

Scene-by-Scene Breakdown )
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Departures on AO3
Departures on FFN

Spoilers for The Promise Part 2 )

In the end, Departures was a case where being challenged creatively forced me to respond, well, creatively, and I was able to stretch beyond my comfort zone as a result. I'm very grateful to the prompter, and if her reaction is any indication I think she liked it, too. It was a good experience, if not always easy.
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Notes on point of view and rewriting )

I'm still somewhat partial to the original version because I wanted to show that even monsters have motivation beyond "I want to make the hero's life miserable," but I think the final cut fits better into the story. For posterity, here is the original:

Original Azula scene )
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My Ridiculously Long pastfic, Shadow of the Dragon King, is about 75% posted with the recent upload of Chapter 17: Games. That concludes Part 2 of 3, so it's time for another extended fanfic note. Since I talked about the overall conception and planning in the extended notes for Part 1, I'll stick to chapter-by-chapter commentary here, centering around the stuff that won't be obvious to readers. Spoilers for Part 2 abound, naturally.

Chapters 11-12 )

Chapters 13-14 )

Chapter 15-16 )

Chapter 17 )

So those are some of the things that were going on in my head when I wrote these chapters. Just four chapters more and the whole story will be done, yay!
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My first-ever entry to the [livejournal.com profile] avatar_500 is also my first  Legend of Korra fanfic. This is the story that goes with an earlier post where I compared Book 1: Air to Atlas Shrugged. I have never entered anything into a fiction contest or prompt of any kind and hope to do more of it in the future.

But man, the 500-limit word count was a bitch to keep, especially since I was trying to emulate the preachy run-on style of Atlas Shrugged. I went seventy words over the limit and had to cut entire paragraphs. On that note it's also the shortest story I've ever written. It's good practice, as previous interviewee [livejournal.com profile] amanda_violet has said. It forced me to frame scenes aggressively and to edit down to the bone of the story.

As It Should Be is a first in less comfortable ways, too. It's the first time I've written fanfic from a place of anger, and it's the most sarcastic piece of fiction I've ever written. I've written fanfic before out of curiosity or mild frustration with the original work (Two Realizations come to mind), but never while dwelling on how much I dislike the original work. (Two original works in this case, since I rolled the main things I hated about Book 1: Air and Atlas Shrugged into the story.) That doesn't feel right, since I think fanworks should be works of love and not derision. On the other hand it helped me focus and deal with my feelings about the show.

If I write more LoK fanfic I'll still be critical of Book 1's faults, but I hope that little story, a first for me in so many ways, took the pressure off and that I won't feel the urge to do any more rage-ficcing.

Edit: It won second place! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] attackfish for an excellent job on the banner. Weird round, though, with four entrants and four winners in a three-winner contest (three were tied in second place). More work for attackfish--though because the universe is occasionally fair, the first-place banner was for herself--but good times for the recipients. :)

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I am such a disorganized and forgetful person, I can pretty much guarantee that anything I entrust to memory will disappear down a very deep hole. This is why I organize my fanfic and other online reads into a folder on my bookmark bar, which currently looks like this:

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I suddenly have what could be a very disturbing but in its own way beautiful idea for Aang's funeral.

After doing some research, I'm finding a few fics dealing with the same subject matter including [livejournal.com profile] yukinoomoni's Sky Burial, another called One Kind of Good-bye, and a couple of chapters from longer fics that mention the custom though not for Aang's death. My idea is to do this for Aang and explore the issues it would raise. If there's already a story that does this, I'd love to read it!

Discussion of dismembering Aang's body and feeding it to vultures ensues. )


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