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Continuing from Part 1, here are longform articles I enjoyed that deal with cognitive disabilities including autism, schizophrenia, fetal alcohol syndrome, Asperger's syndrome, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

Articles on Children with Cognitive Disabilities )

Articles on Adults with Cognitive Disabilities )

I don't know about you, but I found these stories on cognitive disability several magnitudes more depressing than the ones about physical disability, maybe because there's still so much confusion and misunderstanding, and correspondingly fewer resources, for cognitive disabilities. As a bonus here's a collection of articles on autism, which I haven't read yet but plan to.

Next in Part 3 I'll introduce articles about social issues surrounding disability, including the justice system and the welfare state. Since those are pretty sobering I'll close on a higher note with several articles on disability in sports.
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Much like music, disability issues are something I grew interested partly due to my friends, most notably attackfish, vmuzic, and chordatesrock. As with so many other subjects, Longform for me is the intellectual equivalent of dipping my toes--I'm not at the stage where I'm working on a specific project and dive into books, articles, and everything else I can get my hands on, but when a longform article comes up that is relevant to the subject I'll save it and read it.

Apropos of joining the [community profile] disability list here are some articles I enjoyed, starting with physical disabilities, continuing into cognitive disabilities, and ending with social issues:

Congenital Physical Disabilities )

Acquired Physical Disabilities )

So those are the articles on physical disabilities I've read and enjoyed. Comments and additional resources are very welcome, of course. The next part of this post will link to and comment on articles that deal with cognitive disabilities.
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I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to music, but after getting to know vmuzic I can truthfully say I have at least one musician in my circle of friends. I mean, a few of my friends played instruments very well when we were younger, but so far as I know no one went on to play regularly or professionally, except maybe that one girl who went on to major in church music.

The point being, I started thinking more about music due to our acquaintance, and when I scan the newest Longform.org articles for reading material I find myself saving articles about music that I might have skipped before. Then today I read a really good music fic (not your run-of-the-mill songfic, I promise), so I thought I'd throw the whole lot into a linkspam post.

Pitch Battles

On the history of the standard pitch of A = 440 Hz and how an attempt to change it was associated with weird conspiracy and utopia theories. The idea of lowering the standard pitch itself seems to be based on sound ideas, though. I never knew the standard pitch harmed vocalists.

The Vulgarian in the Choir Loft

A self-professed dick talks about becoming a choirboy. Choice quotes:

Singing is nakedness. And it is a far more fathomless form of nakedness than that achieved by the removal of clothes.

"If a person plays a piano badly, you think there's something wrong with their piano playing. If a person sings badly, there's something wrong with them. There's not that divorce between what they are and what they're doing."

Also, the following is now in my quotes file for future reference:

Most people who claim they "can't write" don't suffer from a lack of talent; they suffer from a lack of license. . . . The truth is that when done right, the struggle to be a good writer—and a good singer—is a struggle not to be good but to be free.

Day of Destiny

This is a drabble I read today by [personal profile] loopy777[personal profile] loopy777 , written for an unusual music-centric prompt that set only the soundtrack (Rastrelli Cello Quartett Piazzolla - Oblivion) and the fandom (Avatar: The Last Airbender). The result is an Ursa story that--well, see for yourself. I think the story should be read with the designated soundtrack playing. The story feels almost incomplete alone because the text and music move together so well.


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